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Developing, Validating and Analyzing Structured Interviews (Overview)
"The purpose of any selection interview is to provide an applicant with a fair opportunity to demonstrate the KSAPCs and experiences that qualify them for the position. While the interview is the most commonly used component of selection systems, it can also be the most misunderstood and misapplied. Handled poorly, an interview can not only be ineffective, but may also have unintended adverse impact. Otherwise qualified applicants may be eliminated if the many variables contributing to a successful interview are not implemented properly.

Because an interview, by nature, will not measure characteristics of the entire applicant, it should be used in conjunction with the other selection procedures. A structured interview can serve as a useful supplement to the other selection procedures to allow the employer to gain valuable insight regarding certain aspects of an applicant’s KSAPCs. It is different from unstructured interviews in that the same questions are asked of every applicant in the same way to ensure that all applicants are assessed using the same criteria."

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