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Diversifying Your Organization: How to Actually Make it Happen (Part I)
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by Dan A. Biddle, Ph.D., Biddle Consulting Group, Inc. and Patrick M. Nooren, Ph.D., Biddle Consulting Group, Inc.

(note: This article originally appeared in the 2009 EEO Insight Journal, Volume 1, Issue 1)

It is an unfortunate reality that thousands of Affirmative Action Plans (AAPs) are prepared every year that have little practical impact on diversifying organizations. Well-meaning and highly-qualified practitioners can invest hundreds of hours in preparing AAPs, yet often times their positive intentions and efforts don’t translate to making a net impact. Sometimes it is because AAP development is so burdensome that organizations never get to the point where they can actually interpret and act on the results. Other times it might be a lack of leadership support or the busy up- or down-sizing of an organization that causes AAP efforts to take the back burner. What can be done to change this predicament? This article outlines some plausible strategies to this perplexing challenge facing most of today’s EEO/AA practitioners.

The primary recommendations included in this article are:

  • Primary Recommendation 1: Insure Data Integrity
  • Primary Recommendation 2: Identify Non-Job-Related Hiring Barriers
  • Primary Recommendation 3: Validate the Practices, Procedures, and Tests Used to Make Selection Decisions
  • Primary Recommendation 4: Produce Regular Adverse Impact Reports at the Step and Bottom-Line Level
  • Primary Recommendation 5: Distribute Adverse Impact Reports to Staffing, Field Human Resource Personnel, and Hiring Managers
  • Primary Recommendation 6: Develop Narrowly-Tailored Action-Oriented Programs and Hold People Accountable for Results
Download the full article here:

Now, read Part II of Diversifying Your Organization: How to Actually Make it Happen.
Part II includes a list of secondary recommendations which have proven to be successful in increasing the diversity of organizations. Part II is available to all free BCGi Standard members. You must be logged in to read it. [Read Part II now]
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