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Here’s What You Missed: “Excel Tips (Pivot Tables, Shortcuts, Etc.)

Wednesday, November 29, 2017   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Dao Nguyen and Heather Sakamoto
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Microsoft Excel® is one of the most commonly used applications and many use it every day without applying the countless features and shortcuts. In case you missed the BCGi webinar on Excel® Tips, below is a list of the following keyboard shortcuts, formatting, and formulas that were presented live to help manage your data more effectively.

Keyboard shortcuts:

  • CTRL + Page Up/CTRL + Page Down: Toggles between tabs in the same workbook
  • ALT + TAB: Toggles between different workbooks/programs
  • CTRL + Mouse Wheel: Zooms in and out
  • CTRL + A: Selects all records in the worksheet
  • CTRL + F: Finds records and can replace content
  • CTRL + Shift + Arrow Up/Down: Selects records in columns
  • CTRL + Spacebar: Selects the whole column
  • SHIFT + Spacebar: Selects the whole row
  • CTRL + S: Save spreadsheet


  • Conditional Formatting: Enables special formatting for cells that meet a certain criteria
  • Paintbrush Formatting: Copies formatting from one cell and allows painting onto another cell
  • Freeze Panes: Holds a set of rows or columns in place while scrolling through worksheet
  • Wrap Text: Enables wrapping data in the cell so all content is visible within the column width


  • Concatenate: combines multiple cells into one cell/string
  • Vlookup: uses a common field in two data sets to bring in values from one data set into the other
  • LEN: identifies the number of characters in a cell
  • UPPER: converts text strings to uppercase letters
  • LOWER: converts text strings to lowercase letters
  • PROPER: converts text strings to proper case
  • COUNTIF: counts cells within a specific range that meets certain criterion

Pivot Tables

  • Create charts/tables that can be created to summarize a set of data with a high degree of customization that includes – but is not limited to – averages, percentages, and counts
  • Use to help cross-check data for errors, search for duplicates, summarize, or serve as a reference for pie charts and graphs used during presentations

If you have Platinum membership, the recorded version of the webinar is available on BCGi’s website. If you do not have Platinum membership, please also visit BCGi’s website to learn more about the benefits of becoming a member. You may contact us via email or call 800.999.0438 for any questions.

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